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So You Want One of The Highest Quality Coffee Makers and Nespresso Capsules On The Market?

The first coffee makers came out in the late 60s, maybe, but before that coffee actually took a little while to make. In the beginning, people were abuzz about Mr. Coffee coffee makers and the revolution was under way. The choice of coffees to drink doesn’t begin to compare with what is available today, either. High school teenagers now can probably have any kind of coffee they want at home over breakfast. Today there are hundreds of different coffee makers to choose from so how do you find the one that is best for your home?


The Bunn NHBX-B Contemporary 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer is the top rated Bunn coffee maker on Bunn is a name recognized by millions as a manufacturer of high quality coffee makers. This particular coffee pot sells (at the time of this article’s writing) for just a little under one hundred dollars. Clearly, Bunn is serving a certain segment of the coffee drinker market with that kind of price point. Quite frequently we all get what we pay for, so in that regard this kind of purchase would not need to be repeated for a long time to come. One other extremely important benefit of this maker concerns the engineering of those elements responsible for that perfect brewing temperature. If you love taking your coffee with you, then you’ll be interested in the Black and Decker Brew and Go (model #DCM185) with Travel Mug. Very many people like the convenience of the coffee dispensing directly into a travel mug. If you’re the kind of person who is really pressed for time a lot, then this brew and go feature could be a good ticket for you. This way you don’t have to pour it into the cup; you just have to make sure the cup is clean. Plus the mug is safe in the dishwasher. There’s a filter that fits in the mug, so no more hassles with messy paper filters that tear and spill, etc.

Nespresso Capsules

The Keurig B-70 B70 Platinum Single Cup Home Brewing System has been a heavy favorite and highly regarded home brewing system. This is for people who are serious about their coffee and are not afraid to spend money on it.


At the time of this article’s writing, the price of this particular coffee brewer was just under one hundred and seventy dollars. At the same time, being able to brew a perfect single cup of coffee at a time is something that many people dream of being able to do. Have a great big coffee cup? No worries because the B70 will let you brew five different volume sizes of cups.


No doubt, coffee and coffee making has made outstanding strides in the last few decades. True enough how things change because just in the early 70s instant coffee wasn’t all that old, and people considered that a huge breakthrough. It’s completely common to order gourmet coffee beans and prepare them at home. The pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee compells many people to spend quite a bit of money on coffee and the accoutrements for it. So decide what is important to you and follow your coffee passion wherever it leads you

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